The objective of Besteps is to provide analysis on a wide array of business practices and evaluate the technological and societal impact of corporate strategy. Articles will strive to provide an overview of specific business or regulatory case studies, make proactive recommendations in the realm of strategy or policy, and develop frameworks or models that contribute to the understanding of a particular topic.


Besteps was created by me, Karl Henrik Smith. I am based in San Francisco, CA, and work at Cloudflare, a leading web performance and security company with over 20 million Internet properties on our network.

I have previously worked at City Innovate, where I coordinated public-private partnerships and helped develop projects in the realm of urban mobility and data-sharing. I attended undergraduate and graduate studies at Copenhagen Business School in International Business and Politics with a focus on IPE.

I also co-author a series with Alexander Chen on the uses and abuses of corporate influence and political economic perspectives on industrial complexes. You can find this series on Medium.

I have been writing Besteps since August 2019.